Change Change Change

“Change is the only constant.” Ain't that the truth. What is changing in your life right now? Take some minutes to reflect, consider writing it down and looking at it. True, some things can be constant for many years, but even within that realm, micro-adjusts are twisting around so subtly it's hard to inter. Our views change, our bodies change, maybe somewhere, somehow our soul retains some constant vibe throughout the eons? I think so. It's a cozy and comforting thought for me.

How can we adapt so often and so much without being thrown off our base? Honestly sometimes I think we could call Yoga "How to deal with Change". Breath, stand strong, be flexible, listen to your body and mind, and let it all go. The more we go through life, the more change we may be subjected to, at least, I feel that way in light of my dad passing away. Often I think of childhood as a safe and secure time, timeless, but nothing is timeless really. Some children aren't as lucky, their childhood is rife with chaos, emotional turmoil. For these individuals, I believe it will take much more effort and focus to find a source of strength and calm, they never found it or saw an example of it. Since each of us must look within for this, how can we open a window? Even awareness of a safe place? I think one yoga class, or maybe more, many strong walls can grow.

Some of these human beings end up in bad places, even in adult life. Consider taking yoga to a prison, a shelter, a place where those that land need more than just food for their physical body. Do bad people exist? I guess I must say yes, at least people with bad actions. Were they born that way? I don't think so, our childhood shapes us so powerfully.


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