Do you want to start a daily yoga routine, but need a little help sticking with it? Here it is! I will create a daily yoga plan for you for a certain length of time that you decide: 15 min, 30 min, or 1 hour. I will mail out your plan along with the chart above to help you keep on track. Simply place the chart and stickers somewhere that you will see them every day, as a reminder to get your daily dose of stretch, strength and breath. Watch your progress as you place a sticker every day that you follow through with your practice. Chart is for 3 months, if you want multiple routines that's a possibility as well. Message me for more info! Thanks, Kat


Yoga for You for the Long Run.

I've been thinking this year off and on about yoga and injuries and how they happen and how to prevent them. I read a book, "The Science of Yoga" which is pretty preoccupied with potential problems, maybe too much, but it does make a few good points. From day one of my teacher trainings I have been concerned with the topic of doing no harm (to myself or others of course). In some ways, you are opening yourself up when you take or teach a yoga class. Opening up to a wonderful potential benefit, but also like most things worth doing, there is some risk. You have to be willing to ignore your ego, which even with a lot of practice is hard. So where does that lead? When a class gets overwhelming, consider going to child's pose balansana where the only plan is to let go. Are you a quitter? Nope. Are you weak? Nope. Are you sullen, angry, or unwilling to participate? Nope nope nope. You are simply protecting yourself, listening to your body, and letting go of expectations, of yourself of others, and of others of yourself. It's a good idea to keep this in mind especially when taking a new class, or taking an advanced class. Ideally, you are safe in a yoga class but things can go awry on occasion. Your ego takes over (or maybe the teacher's ego), you want the teacher to be proud, you want to show 'em what you've got. The teacher may also not be aware of your specific situation, specific areas of concern, or overall fitness and flexibility level. Sadly these factors will get you nowhere, but perhaps to an injury. As your practice develops and you test poses out in classes and on your own, you will better understand your own body mechanics, strengths, and also weaknesses. In yoga as in life, it takes a setting aside of fear to get out there and get moving, to grow and learn and improve. There will always be setbacks, but in fact these are powerful learning tools which shift your course, and lead an outstanding, satisfying and wonderful experience. I plan on doing yoga for the Long Run, and so I have to remind myself as well how to pace out this marathon we call life. Namaste,



Updated Yoga Options

Just a reminder of your updated yoga class and other options. The written plan option at the bottom is great for those that prefer to do a practice daily on your own. It includes a chart mailed to you to help keep you accountable to yourself! There are a variety of other options for group and personalized yoga. These all make great birthday or holiday gifts for a loved one! Contact me with any questions. Thanks,

Kat Marchin-Tomlin

Yoga Teaching Schedule and other training options: 

THURSDAYS - 6:45 - 7:45pm @ Anytime Fitness in Kearney, MO (1st class each month is basic stretch)

SATURDAYS - Stay tuned for a morning class that rotates several instructors including yours truly!

ANY TIME - By Appointment (see below for details)

Personal Yoga Training:

Intro Personal Yoga Training Package: $90
  • Free 30 minute Background session – review your specific goals/intentions so we can tailor the classes to you.
  • Three 1 hour yoga sessions at Anytime Fitness
  • Split with a friend or family member for 10 dollars more
Regular Personal Yoga Training Sessions: $40
  • 1 hour yoga class at Anytime Fitness
  • Split with 1+ friends for 10 dollars more
In-home Yoga Training Sessions: $50
  • 1 hour yoga class in your home
  • Split with 1+ friends for 10 dollars more
Personalized Yoga Class - Written Plan

  • I will create a personalized written yoga sequence for you based on your expressed areas of focus. A 3-month chart with stickers is included to keep you on track daily. Prior knowledge of yoga required. I will mail this out to you once I receive payment. Cost relates to length of class written, 15 min - $15, 30 min - $25, 1 hr. - $50. 

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