If you want to sing out...

Recently I organized a Karaoke night out with the girls. I like it so much more than just going "out". Why? I don't know, it's cute. People put themselves out there. Some have awesome skills, some not so much (yours truly for example) but it doesn't really matter because a lot of well-loved songs are rolling around in the ether and the vibe is soothing.

Also, it addresses a chakra that I chose to work on. The throat chakra (energy center) is how we express ourselves, singing fortifies this chakra and grows it. Any time I sing, it feels great. Any time I go to a choir or vocal concert or even a symphony, I find myself happy and contented. I have delightful memories of singing in church with my family, a few notes of a certain song and I'm right there with them all. In addition, singing releases energy that we may not even realize we had stored up.

So, here's to expression! Wherever we find it!


More Labor?

"Waste not want not." Maybe this phrase applies to our lives, more specifically than using two kleenex when we only need one. Do we waste our lives sometimes? Work work work, what about relaxing? Do not waste your life away in only work or only play, but balance the two. Some people avoid work at all costs, they don't seem particularly joyful either.

On this Labor day weekend, take stock of what you're working for, or towards. Posessions? Children? The future? Try to incorporate that goal for the future into the present, and the labor may feel less burdensome. Post a picture of your dream car. Make some calls or a list related to your dreams. Many people do achieve their dreams, often a few steps at a time, rather than in one dramatic moment.


Summer Sparkler!

Wow! It's been a while since I've visited Blog-Landia. Are you still out there my friends?? Now I'm a mom times two!! Can you be...