Wonder Workout, No sweat!

So, in a book I read recently (Happiness Project, aha!), the author alluded to a highly efficient way to work out and get good results, related to weight lifting. The idea I took from this is to do ONE set of reps (I tried 8-12 reps) using higher weight than you would normally use with more sets. So...I tried it and I really like it. I felt like I did more than 3 sets, and in less time. Time will tell how sore I get, consider Epsom salts and massage for muscle soreness if that gets to you.

I definitely think it's important to warm up first, because this is more muscle demand and more of a potential shock to the body if not warm, due to greater muscle challenge over a shorter period. 5 minute speed walk, then 3-5 minute jog, and some very light stretching is my advice for a pre-lifting prep. Do your circuit of 10 exercises, about 1 minute each. Cool down with a gentle yoga workout for 5-10 minutes. Total time? 30 minutes!

If you work out 2+ times a week, be sure to alternate muscle groups for maximal benefit. I recommend reading on lifting before starting a regular routine and of course consult your doctor before starting anything exercise-related! And of course, it can't compare to yoga for flexibility and balancing benefits.


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