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Are you what you EAT???

Have you noticed how our diets can run amuck so easily? For emphasis, I just looked up the word amuck so as to better clarify my thoughts. Surprisingly and perhaps profoundly it stated, "a murderous frenzy". That truly could describe the typical fast food joint on a Saturday around noon. Wall to wall people glaring, children riled up in anticipation, cell phoning, impatiently inching their way forward towards something that satisfies our oh so tapped-into primal urges for salt, fat, and heh heh "taste" in our food. Ironically, on a cellular level, the awaiting meal is like a clutch of biochemical daggers, traipsing down the gullet ready to maime, possibly silently over a few decades.

Perhaps the fact that I'm pregnant (and have been sick to my stomach at times) is what is causing me to question more and more just exactly what the heck I'm ingesting lately either out of desperation, convenience or simply lack of culinary know-how. "Corn syrup" okay…