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Frozen Goldfish

Do you ever feel stuck? Like you are a tiny shimmering goldfish frozen in a large patch of ice? Maybe it is just slush that renders you slowly towards isolation. Immobilized to break free and pursue what you need to pursue. Slowed down, stagnant, and still. It's normal to be this little fish. We all get stuck at times. It could be a job, a relationship or simply a state of mind that is anxious or unhappy. How do you break free and shatter what binds you? Excellent question with no simple single answer.

Yoga might be able to help, simply by moving your body, you a creating motion, momentum and inertia. By focusing on your energy, you are better at understanding it, and we certainly cannot manage what we do not measure in some way. Having a time and place for stillness is also imperative. When we rush, we do ourselves no favors. We harm our health when we flit about, the body moves into flight or fight and this stresses every aspect of the system. When we focus on the positive, visu…