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The Casualty of Convenience

Have you ever noticed how much the food and other products in America are focused on convenience? Aisle after aisle of pre-packaged, pre-cooked, pre-processed. Ugh. Just stick to the sides and back and you can sort of avoid some of it. The French (often) don't think we offer much real food. They are right. Coca Cola is a drain cleaner. Do you really want to chug that on a regular basis? Spray sunscreen is awesome, until you inhale the poisonous gases you are spraying on your tots. :( Consumer Reports says don't do it, but I still see many parents out there spraying away on the most innocent among us and I admit, I have a can too, it's so fun to just spray away, right??? Ack. I'm really getting saddened lately by what we have given up in exchange for these pretty boxes and bags and cans and spritzes. We are giving up authentic flavor, taste, simplicity, the joy of creating something from scratch, and ultimately, our health. I'm reading an excellent book …