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Perceptions of...

Happiness can be a perception often. We can understand our life to be difficult, overwhelming and painful. Or we can chose to see life as what we make of it. Often, we must move our focus from the difficulties to the beauty, or we can become lost, fixated or disenchanted. Sure you say, easier said then done. So what sort of toolbox helps us "stay on the sunny side"? Here's a few ideas that help me at times.
- Focus on gratitude. Think, well "x" is tough, but I am glad it's not... "y".
- Treasure time. Give yourself the chance to rest completely. We all need this, no matter what.
- Talk it out, try not to gossip. Seek friends that also have a positive outlook.
- Eat good food, find a little hobby you love, write a letter, help someone.
- Be kind. If you feel anger, get some exercise, a journal, or try yoga.


Yoga Cloth

Maybe sometimes our souls are trapped down a little bit in our bodies, and in the hurry busy of everyday American life, they get buried and even crumbled just a bit. Yoga cajoles, caresses, and appeals to our souls, drawing them back out, shaking them off, and straightening them out. Any injuries are mended and cured, wrinkles are loosened as the fabric is replenished. This silken soul can then easily connect the mind to the body once more, a gentle link that must be cared for if we are to be there for others in our life.


Sold Out to the Ballgame?

I was thinking today and over the last few days about cultural point of view. In the world there are many points of view. The American point of view is pretty young, adolescent you might say. Many teens don't tend to make the best choices, they are impulse driven. I know, I work with them. Not the best choices on diet, risk, time management. As a teenager grows up, they start to gain experience, they learn from mistakes. I hope our culture can perhaps do the same as it matures and ripens.

Lately, I have a rekindled desire for fresh food. I looked at some cookies in the store the other day, they expire in december. Ick! I do not want packaged and preserved - honestly if it can sit on the Hyvee shelf for 5 months that is pretty gross to eat, what is in there that is so toxic to mold and bacteria that they won't touch it? I guess there's no air in there but still, that's just great, anerobic cookies...mmmmm. Also I have a yearning for quality hand-made products - such as …