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Bittersweet Symphony of Friends

As my thoughts have turned to music lately, let's keep the theme going! Albert Einstein was known to say that the music of Mozart, "was so pure that it seemed to have been ever-present in the universe, waiting to be discovered by the master." Kinda like E=mc2 actually. An interesting parallel grows between these two men, geniuses in unique ways. The thought percolates in my mind, if they had ever been able to meet (not possible due to the times they lived), they would have been great friends. To read more on this pair of masters, see the link to a NY Times Article here:

This brings us to the issue of friendship. They say good, and maybe difficult things happen in groups of 3. It feels like that right now. Recently in my life, three wonderful people and friends are shifting away in terms of location. The first is Jenny, a good friend since I moved to Kansas City and our little fab 4 was the midwest version of SATC. We we…

Follow your Melody

A quote I heard somewhere always sticks with me, "obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal". Maybe it's easier said than done not to look around a little, however if we practice, we can strengthen our focus both physical and mentally. Patanjali refers to these life hindrances as vikshepas and enumerates nine of them: illness, listlessness, doubt, carelessness, laziness, cravings, delusion, inability to progress, and instability in maintaining progress.

What might help us stay on track towards more satisfaction in life, whatever the goal? Sufficient sleep, a whole-food emphasized diet, and minimal stimulants/depressants is a good start in my view. Even several drinks a week or too much coffee can sway the delicate and complex biochemical balance and leave us sluggish or strung out. Once we address the physical, how could we help out our mind in our journey towards joy? Music is not a bad start to consider. Einstein was considered "stupid"…

We don't need no Education?

Today at school, it has come to my mind: what makes a good teacher? Someone kind, talented, and knowledgeable for sure. What sets the truly great teachers apart? I think of some major teachers in my life. I would say a sense of humility, humor, and the ability to share information in a thorough and engaging way. This could be a teacher of many things, whether high school or yoga.

In addition, a good teacher sets high expectations, while scaffolding constantly for those that need the extra help. They set some ground rules, but also show flexibility for those in need of a break. They have a high vision of and for each student, and share this vision so that the student can grow to meet it. They take time to make moments special, and allow for personal exploration of the subject at hand. In the end, the best teachers also seek to learn constantly, and to review and revise, making the good better, and the better best. We all do need our education, and it never stops.


Where is your energy?

Percolating in my thoughts today is how our energy shapes us. Maybe because I see such interesting energy shifts in the team I coach. "Young at heart", vs. "old before his time" are not just a physical expressions, but rather a mental reflection of our energy. Our outlook definitely could shape our physical body, but it also shapes our path in life. If we believe, "I am nothing" perhaps it will come true. It is especially sad when kids take the negative messages of others and internalize them. I like to think the "Shakti" is helping us along, finding the right vibrations of this universe.

So, what is your energy in life? Do you think to yourself, "I'm old", just because you are 30? Or do you think about someone 97, and admire their grit, realizing you're a bit of a pup if you haven't passed half a century. Perspective is powerful.

Where is the energy of your professional life? Do you complain daily about your employment situa…


In education research you come across the term "resilient" a lot when it comes to urban children. I don't think most people realize that if some of these amazing kids actually make it to school for a day, they have shown great resiliency. I think about difficulties in my own life that happen at times. A loved one ill, a death in the family, lack of sleep, peace, food. It causes me to realize that my students have so many lessons to teach me. For many of my students this stress is daily, or weekly. I guess I am learning to be resilient. Maybe yoga helps us access our own inner power to focus, and lets the outer world around us flow past without putting a scratch on our souls.

As a soccer coach, I can go without food, warmth, comfort for a while, and I cope and push onward. It's not much to handle, compared to when a kid calls her mom and she says, "start walking" to her young daughter who would have to walk 10 blocks through a not so nice area in the dark. It…

Yoga/Vintage Jewelry @ BeTru2U

Hello Yoga fans,

Looking for a fun and unique gift for someone in your life? Look no further. I've been fortunate to attend several yoga teacher trainings with a local yoga teacher and artist, Lora McKelvey. Read on below for her bio, and definitely check out her web page for some wonderful vintage and yoga inspired jewelry. Support Local Yoga and Art!


BIO: My name is Lora Cornell McKelvey. I am a yoga teacher, jewelry crafter, and single mom to two sweet, energetic boys. BeTru2U is the name of my jewelry company. I design, craft, create, and re-create pieces along two themes: vintage and yoga inspired. My yoga inspired pieces are simple and come from my passion for yoga, these pieces usually carry a written message. I love to create something that speaks to others. These pieces are featured on my website as Breathe Creations and can also be found at the Zen Zone in Lees Summit. My vintage creations are a lot of fun to make and are often mo…