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Plant a seed.

How do big life shifts and "goals accomplished" start? With the little steps of course. Lately we've been considering cutting down a large and ailing tree in our front yard. I image how this maple tree started long ago, perhaps it was planted by a person or squirrel, beginning to thrive just a millimeter at a time, creeping and warming and growing in the sun. At any point very early, it could have been thwarted, altered, removed. And yet now it stands 75 feet tall, rigid and imposing. It has been a source of beauty, CO2 removal, cooling shade, and home for some. But now it's a cause of concern as well, given that it has dropped some large branches, as you can see in the photo.

Do we allow our life path to grow this way sometimes? YES. Those small steps, both good and bad can lead to something flourishing in our lives until it has grown to very large proportions. We must be careful to maintain, nourish and nurture those small steps that work us towards our goals. If a…

Boost that Mood! The Dr. says so!

Thanks to my friend Erin G. (M.D.) for sharing the following continued research about yoga and its benefits to mood, and anxiety is possibly better than walking!

"Exercise has been linked to improvements in mood and anxiety, but it is unclear if certain types of physical activity are more effective than others. A new study suggests that yoga may be more effective than walking.
The recent trial included 34 health adults who did not have significant medical or psychiatric disorders. The participants were randomly assigned to practice yoga or walk for 60 minutes, three times a week for 12 weeks.
The participants' mood and anxiety levels were measured at the start of the study and again at week four, eight and 12. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy scans were also performed throughout the study.
Greater improvements in mood and anxiety were reported in the yoga group compared to the walking group. The researchers suggest that these beneficial effects may be related to the in…