Grateful for...

I'm going to try and post what I am grateful for once or twice a week. Feel free to comment and share what you are grateful for as well. I think I have a bunch stored up so this list may be long!!

1. Snowboarding and Snow Creek
2. Raspberry Jam from Switzerland - Favorit Swiss Reserve (World Market)
3. Seeing my family all together
4. Melting ice on the roof, and snow in the driveway.
5. All kitties
6. Antiques Roadshow
7. The Happiness Project - Read it, doing it.
8. A clean kitchen.
9. Office progress - closet wallpaper freeish
10. My education - I hung all my framed degrees up today to remind me.
11. Martin Luther King Jr.
12. My ginkgo treelet
13. Red Cross
14. HGTV
15. Ed's housework saavyness and kind style.
16. foggy walk with my mom and Mick
17. Triscuits (hint of salt thanks to Mad) and Cady Creek Cheddar, mmmm...
18. A fresh semester and my new organization plan. Let's go students.
19. Soccer Conditioning starting.
20. 2010.
21. Bacchus.
22. Get togethers with friends.
23. Dark Chocolate.


1 comment:

E. Michelle said...

I've started doing this every morning when I first wakes up...it sure sets a great tone for the day!

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