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Financially Fit and Flexible. Are you?

Imagine yourself in a yoga class, flowing along. Things are going well, your mind is clear most of the time, your breath moving smoothly and deeply.  Perhaps the teacher suddenly shows a new pose and it is confusing or difficult to figure out how to master it. That's part of the point of course: adversity. How to deal with difficulty, how to keep breathing, how to maintain a clear mind. Just as in yoga practice, life challenges can catch us by surprise. Lately my own thoughts have been turning to financial fitness. Part of it has been fueled by the responsibility of being a parent. I want my son to go to college with support from us, although I also want him to be smart about money as well. Sometimes I think I got things too easy, although I did have a job most of the time from about 14 on. I want to be able to retire in financial ease, knowing I will not be a burden to my family and that I will have the tools to travel, relax, and enjoy life until the end. Financial know-how can …