Today. This word holds a great deal of promise, without weighing us down. Limitless things one might accomplish: float, available. Over a string of todays, we arrive at something else, the future. That can be a heavy place, unwieldy, rather hard to grasp. In contrast, today is light and airy, while manageable and succinct. So, go for the spirit of yoga that embraces today, this present. Each morning, cast your mind's eye over today, and bask in the closeness of these series of 24 hours, 1440 minutes, so many moments. A day can really be quite eternal in its own way. Why seek the before or after, when you have the here and now? Here's to embracing this present opportunity. My today involves: a visit to our new home, lunch with family, two happily lounging felines, a sweetly sleeping baby boy tucked amidst his lion and oli dreaming soundly, crickets chirping, and now peace falling over the apartment before my slumber. Namaste, Kat

Summer Sparkler!

Wow! It's been a while since I've visited Blog-Landia. Are you still out there my friends?? Now I'm a mom times two!! Can you be...