Summer Sparkler!

Wow! It's been a while since I've visited Blog-Landia. Are you still out there my friends?? Now I'm a mom times two!! Can you believe that? Life really does go faster every year and even faster with my busy boys! The last time I posted, for me, feels like it wasn't that long ago, but at the time I was still expecting baby two. Well, he came with a loud roar into this crazy world and he has been a great addition to our family and life. It has been fun to watch the boys grow together this year, and now we are on the verge of an entirely new chapter: Kindergarten and PDO! Clay starts this week and I think we are both really ready. I don't know exactly what all lies ahead, but I have high hopes that the experience of school is going to be a great one for him!! I'll also be placing our little guy Everett into a PDO program a couple times a week. Over this year, I have learned something important. I need to make time for ME too, (and it is good for children to be away from their mother). Not just a few moments here and there between naps and loads of laundry. I need actual set time to be alone, but also to focus on something besides being a mom. Being a stay-at-home-mom (and a parent in general) in and of itself is amazing and sacrificing and beautiful and fun, but it's just not enough for me at this point in my life to have that as my only focus. I need my own career, my own story, my own flow of energy as I move through this life and this world. I have always kept yoga dear as well, but that is something that so far has been a somewhat compartmentalized experience as a stay at home mom. I cannot often get away from the hustle and bustle to a quite and steady yoga place, but I hope to grow in this area as well as I move forward.

This past fall with a newborn baby, I took a small leap that would end up as a paradigm shift in my life. I asked for some fun Perfectly Posh samples from a fellow mom in our August Moms group (we all had babies due around the same time) after she offered them up to our tribe. The samples came, I don't really remember the exact moment too well. But I recall thinking about the mask she had sent, and giving it a try, and realizing that it was really fun to do something new and different and it made me feel good to stop and for once only think about me, not the baby, not the 5 year old, not the hubby or the cooking and cleaning and the schedule and what's for dinner. Just moi. I didn't love every single item, but a couple of them were so fun and effective that I wanted more. And so I purchased a few things, and they came and I do remember that moment, of trying out my fun new Posh, and realizing it was bringing actual joy into my life to take a moment to smell my citrus hand creme and wash my face and feel so fresh and clean with the aroma of my Porefect Chunk clearing the air and my skin and my mind. I realized that Posh is not that different than yoga in some ways. It emphasizes an exploration the present moment. You have to be present to apply the charcoal mask, you can't help but breathe in the spearmint deliciousness as a tingle spreads across your face and your soul. So moving forward on this blog, I will be connecting Posh to some of my yoga philosophies and ideas. Because to be honest, Perfectly Posh has helped me realize several things about myself, just like yoga has for many years. I have a lot of talents. I know that I am an intelligent woman with diverse skills and I have found a company and a job that let's me be with my children during their young and precious years, but also lets me explore the world, build new friendships and my own new business skills and ideas and discussions and plans. So stay tuned friends, because this is going to be another fun journey with yours truly! Thank you for your support!



Summer Sparkler!

Wow! It's been a while since I've visited Blog-Landia. Are you still out there my friends?? Now I'm a mom times two!! Can you be...