One day in mid-July, I stood outside Body & Soul Yoga in Brookside for our weekly evening pre-natal class. It was warm, I felt relatively good considering I was about 8 months pregnant, did I mention the mid-July part, ick. A woman walked up and I thought that she was new to our class because I didn't recall seeing her there before. We chatted a bit, she was pretty early in her second pregnancy. What are the odds that this woman would be present at my child's birth? Low you would think, I didn't even know her name. Turns out she was the back-up doula for my original doula who ended up having health complications and couldn't be there (which I found out about the week before the event I think, it's a little blurry now).

Life is pretty amazing. That is actually the only time we met in person, until said birth, although we had a great chat or two. Many other things about the birth did not go quite according to what I had envisioned, however, I am proud to say I felt pretty calm and was able to handle the issues as they arose. And I feel okay with it now. No tub, no walking, constant monitoring, induction, pitocin, etc etc rats rats rats. What I could decide about was enough. I handled the pain in my own way, much thanks to my doula of course both in advice and physical aid, and to my husband as well. It all ended well with the birth of our dear little healthy son. I do give yoga some of the credit for me being able to roll with the changes, letting go of the expectations of "expecting". I also give my pain-tolerating Slovak genes some credit. I also give me credit. Birth is important to societies says one famous midwife, I agree wholeheartedly. This is a random post and my first as a mother. Better go check on the little dude.


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