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Do you want to start a daily yoga routine, but need a little help sticking with it? Here it is! I will create a daily yoga plan for you for a certain length of time that you decide: 15 min, 30 min, or 1 hour. I will mail out your plan along with the chart above to help you keep on track. Simply place the chart and stickers somewhere that you will see them every day, as a reminder to get your daily dose of stretch, strength and breath. Watch your progress as you place a sticker every day that you follow through with your practice. Chart is for 3 months, if you want multiple routines that's a possibility as well. Message me for more info! Thanks, Kat

Yoga for You for the Long Run.

I've been thinking this year off and on about yoga and injuries and how they happen and how to prevent them. I read a book, "The Science of Yoga" which is pretty preoccupied with potential problems, maybe too much, but it does make a few good points. From day one of my teacher trainings I have been concerned with the topic of doing no harm (to myself or others of course). In some ways, you are opening yourself up when you take or teach a yoga class. Opening up to a wonderful potential benefit, but also like most things worth doing, there is some risk. You have to be willing to ignore your ego, which even with a lot of practice is hard. So where does that lead? When a class gets overwhelming, consider going to child's pose balansana where the only plan is to let go. Are you a quitter? Nope. Are you weak? Nope. Are you sullen, angry, or unwilling to participate? Nope nope nope. You are simply protecting yourself, listening to your body, and letting go of expectations, …

Updated Yoga Options

Just a reminder of your updated yoga class and other options. The written plan option at the bottom is great for those that prefer to do a practice daily on your own. It includes a chart mailed to you to help keep you accountable to yourself! There are a variety of other options for group and personalized yoga. These all make great birthday or holiday gifts for a loved one! Contact me with any questions. Thanks,

Kat Marchin-Tomlin RYT-200

Yoga Teaching Schedule and other training options: 
THURSDAYS - 6:45 - 7:45pm @ Anytime Fitness in Kearney, MO (1st class each month is basic stretch)
SATURDAYS - Stay tuned for a morning class that rotates several instructors including yours truly!
ANY TIME - By Appointment (see below for details)
Personal Yoga Training:
Intro Personal Yoga Training Package: $90 Free 30 minute Background session – review your specific goals/intentions so we can tailor the classes to you. Three 1 hour yoga sessions at Anytime Fitness Split with a friend or family member for 10 …

A Mini-Yoga Challenge!

Are you feeling down? In need some self-care? Consider "mini-yoga". Yep I just made up that term!!

What a great way to nurture your body, and of course, your mind. It doesn't have to be a giant time commitment, but it does need to be consistent. Aim for JUST 5 minutes a day for ONE week, starting now! Do 1 minute cow cat, 2 minutes of sun salutations, and 2 minutes of savasana (relaxation). Let me know right here on this post how it is going. If you're a parent of a wee one, worst case scenario, lock yourself in the bathroom and do this in the tub The few minutes of solace is worth it. Who's in??? OF course, We'd love to see you in class too!!


The Casualty of Convenience

Have you ever noticed how much the food and other products in America are focused on convenience? Aisle after aisle of pre-packaged, pre-cooked, pre-processed. Ugh. Just stick to the sides and back and you can sort of avoid some of it. The French (often) don't think we offer much real food. They are right. Coca Cola is a drain cleaner. Do you really want to chug that on a regular basis? Spray sunscreen is awesome, until you inhale the poisonous gases you are spraying on your tots. :( Consumer Reports says don't do it, but I still see many parents out there spraying away on the most innocent among us and I admit, I have a can too, it's so fun to just spray away, right??? Ack. I'm really getting saddened lately by what we have given up in exchange for these pretty boxes and bags and cans and spritzes. We are giving up authentic flavor, taste, simplicity, the joy of creating something from scratch, and ultimately, our health. I'm reading an excellent book …

The Science of Yoga

I recently read The Science of Yoga by William J. Broad after the recommendation by a new friend. This topic is right up my alley, because I am a "sciency" yoga teach. I emailed her about it and realized it could be the beginning of my own book on yoga (ha!), so I figured I would adapt it a little for you my yogi and yogini friends. 

I got Broad's yoga book and read it yesterday, I skimmed here and there but read most of it. I thought it was interesting. I think I have read some of the studies on yoga that were not maybe the most scientifically stringent so I liked that he tried to sift through some of the people that are telling falsehoods or with sketchy degrees. I feel like he could have mentioned more of the good studies in depth though, even if they were smaller groups, good science is good science. I have read some interesting things about yoga and blood pressure, but his main point on hypertension seemed to dance around that and talk about inversions rather than an…

Skitter Fritter Twitter: Ground.

Lately it seems that the world has been focused on "me/I/self". Tweets, selfies, fb posts, blogs, many ways to express yourself to others. This is good sometimes, at other points, I feel like the world (and even me too, I am chagrined to admit) is skittering and frittering away important time where we are documenting rather than existing in the moment. For me, part of it is the desire to feel less isolated. Also, it's the natural exchange of information. You share with me, I share with you. I don't see a lot of people that I know each day, so electronic contact is better than nothing, right? I think as a global culture, we are trying to define ourselves, and nested within that, a new generation is projecting their experience. How can we carry out a positive action of expression and learning without wasting life?

Moderation. Balance. Growth. Keys to yoga and life as well. Easy to say, not always simple to discover. Family should have a place, friends should have a pla…

Financially Fit and Flexible. Are you?

Imagine yourself in a yoga class, flowing along. Things are going well, your mind is clear most of the time, your breath moving smoothly and deeply.  Perhaps the teacher suddenly shows a new pose and it is confusing or difficult to figure out how to master it. That's part of the point of course: adversity. How to deal with difficulty, how to keep breathing, how to maintain a clear mind. Just as in yoga practice, life challenges can catch us by surprise. Lately my own thoughts have been turning to financial fitness. Part of it has been fueled by the responsibility of being a parent. I want my son to go to college with support from us, although I also want him to be smart about money as well. Sometimes I think I got things too easy, although I did have a job most of the time from about 14 on. I want to be able to retire in financial ease, knowing I will not be a burden to my family and that I will have the tools to travel, relax, and enjoy life until the end. Financial know-how can …