If you're happy and you know it...

My sister recently mentioned making a trip to Salvation Army to donate some items she no longer needs and mentioned she's reading a book on happiness. I saw on the news that they are in great need of coats, hats, and any warm weather gear at the KC, MO Salvation Army, there is more need this year than many others. Recently I adopted a family of 8 in Kansas City, KS and with the help of many friends and family we were able to provide this family with some nice gifts for the children for Christmas. They told me this was a record year and they had more families than ever. In these times of lost jobs and great need, how can we maintain our happiness?

This book shares some excellent options. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Craft Rubin highlights ways we can start our own Happiness Project. Find out more at her web page, click the title of the blog above to go there or you can copy and paste the link below!


Clap your hands! Stomp your Feet! Read the Book!



E. Michelle said...

This is a nice summary of the maintenence you mention.


Kat said...

Thanks for this an all your interesting comments!

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