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Counteracting Consumerism: We don't need no Stimulation

Ah, the economy. What is "the economy" anyway? It is certainly not economical in nature. Our country has spent a chunk of money that we did not have and now we are going to quantitatively ease billions more into print, theoretically fighting deflation and probably lighting the match under inflation, although when it will ignite is unknown. Personally, I'm up to here with economic stimulation. I think most of us need a rest and they're going to force us to charge back out and spend more! Let's consider a new idea, producerism. Create more than we take!

What led to our current problems? Pretty much a lot of people buying things that they couldn't afford. Some shady CEOs el al took it from there. Things we didn't need. Cavernous houses, shiny new cars, stuff, matter, atoms and now some people are losing jobs so the things that aren't paid for become an even steeper and more costly burden. It's stressful to have too much, whether it's someone handi…

Finding Home Wherever you Are!

Many people head home around the holidays. It turns out that his word has many meanings, and that is an understatement! On (click to read them all), there are 31 different definitions or relationships. And just as complex is the experience of returning home. For some of us this trek is a common thing, for others it might be yearly or less. And others may even go to a new place, to be with those important to them and creating home there. No matter how often or where we go, going home can bring us into connection with our past, those things that have shaped us, old roles and expectations that might or might not fit with who we are right now. This can be a very positive thing and may also be a difficult experience at times.

Yoga teaches us to seek and find the present moment and so as we go home, we might be faced with how the present and past get along. If we can allow ourselves to be who we are today, we are able to stay true to our yoga frame of mind. In fact, actually d…

Yin Yoga

We have all seen that funky little black and white symbol. I sometimes imagine two whales circling, a balanced swirl, a hippie anthem on par with tie-die. However, we can also ask, what is the meaning behind this ancient Chinese concept, and how can we incorporate these ideas into yoga and our lives? Today we will consider the yin side, and leave the yang half for a toastier moment.

According to Wikipedia, (see link here yin yang):

"Yin is usually characterized as slow, soft, insubstantial, diffuse, cold, wet, and tranquil. It is generally associated with the feminine, birth and generation, and with the night."

In terms of the seasons, this appears to relate to the winter facet of life. Ice, rain, sleet, snow, shortened dark days, quiet long nights. Maybe a strong full moon allowing white glittering glows to shine in through the frosty window.

How then can yin relate to our yoga practice? I believe we can consciously welcome yin, related to our path in yoga. One might easily won…