Yang Yoga

A few posts back, I mentioned Yin. As spring floats on and we drift towards longer days, now is a wonderful time to consider the complementary force to yin, known as yang in the western world.

Yang is white, male, active, dominating, positive, and initiating/creating. Yang is associated with day, mountains, hills, fire, wood, and air.

According to Wikipedia, yin and yang are opposing, and can transform eachother, and yet they are rooted together, and thus are balancing.

How can we relate these concepts to our lives? Maybe by keeping the idea of balance present. Are we leaning too far one direction in our lives, or on the mat? Maybe we have too much motion, and need a moment of stillness. Perhaps we require the balance of a day off lounging, or a vacation where we do nothing active, but rather find ourselves in a valley resting. On the other hand, are we letting go of a dream because it seems like a high mountain to climb? Perhaps we can be very positive towards our goal and begin to take baby steps up this hill.

Whatever our experience, one side does not contain the answer. Rather, the interaction of both forces is what allows us to move forward with both depth and reflection.



Weather or Not

Here is a beautiful song to read through or listen to on a rainy day! Enya - A Day Without Rain

Ever close your eyes?
Ever stop and listen?
Ever feel alive
And you’ve nothing missing?
You don’t need a reason,
Let the day go on and on.
Let the rain fall down
Everywhere around you.
Give into it now,
Let the day surround you.
You don’t need a reason,
Let the rain go on and on.

What a day, what a day to take to.
What a way, what a way to make it through.
What a day, what a day to take to a wild child.

Only take the time
From the helter skelter.
Every day you find,
Everything’s in kilter,
You don’t need a reason,
Let the day go on and on.
Every summer sun,
Every winter evening,
Every spring to come,
Every autumn leaving.
You don’t need a reason,
Let it all go on and on.

What a day, what a day to take to.
What a way, what a way to make it through.
What a day, what a day to take to a wild child.


Know Yourself to Grow Yourself

In this spring season, all is in renewal. Old leaves are breaking down, fortifying new growth. Shoots, buds, and seeds prepare for the surge. This may be a time to reinvent ourselves as well, breaking away old husks, with velvety new ideas and plans steadily rising forth. What better way to address and maybe even confront our self, than to reflect upon our name. To recall the meaning, the culture, and source of our own personal identity and concept, can help us move forward. Whether we accept this version or seek to weave a deeper tapestry is up to us! Click the link below to find your name and it's wonderful history:


Thanks to Jellaluna on Flickr for this lovely spring photo!


A Yoga Poem

In this time of tumultuous weather, changing landscapes, and restlessness, we can always find a comfortable and beautiful place on the mat. Here is a poem about Sun Salutes to keep in mind, found on this Web Page, it is written by Lenore Horowitz, thanks to her for allowing us to read it here. Perhaps as the weather warms, we can find a moment to experience a Sun Salutation outdoors, facing the glowing sol.

Sun Salute

Stand firm on the axis
of your two arches.
Head down,
breathe deep of the damp earth
where roots have spread under old leaves.
Raise your arms slowly,
face turning like a daffodil
still wet from night's dew
until sun's beams
warm your coat of many colors,
and eyes open, astonished
at the golden glow
pulsing to arms
which lift weightless,
drawn by heart's gravity
to salute the sun.


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