Skitter Fritter Twitter: Ground.

Lately it seems that the world has been focused on "me/I/self". Tweets, selfies, fb posts, blogs, many ways to express yourself to others. This is good sometimes, at other points, I feel like the world (and even me too, I am chagrined to admit) is skittering and frittering away important time where we are documenting rather than existing in the moment. For me, part of it is the desire to feel less isolated. Also, it's the natural exchange of information. You share with me, I share with you. I don't see a lot of people that I know each day, so electronic contact is better than nothing, right? I think as a global culture, we are trying to define ourselves, and nested within that, a new generation is projecting their experience. How can we carry out a positive action of expression and learning without wasting life?

Moderation. Balance. Growth. Keys to yoga and life as well. Easy to say, not always simple to discover. Family should have a place, friends should have a place, but there must also be room for development of self outside the realm of your "electronic" image. There must be experiences and paths chosen in order to foster happiness and growth within, or else the self does not have the ability to develop and mature fully. Where can this be found? I think in a simple place: a hobby or two. Lately I have taken up with a local gardening organization. It feels really, really good to volunteer with other like-minded plant lovers. I may not be the typical member, but I still feel accepted and am enjoying increasing my knowledge almost daily. It is a good place to be when you realize how much you have yet to learn. It feels like childhood, when the world is fresh and lovely and moving slow. Food is another interesting area where there is so much room for improvement and understanding for me. I'm reading a book in which a French woman discusses her love of food and eating certain foods in season, even selecting a fruit based on when you will be eating it, and how it will be served. It's eye-opening how often modern American society tosses aside the fact that locally grown, fresh food is not only better for you (and the planet), it tastes so much better too. We're so used to convenience, we are tossing aside a great deal of quality at the expense of our health. By happy coincidence these two interests of mine are intertwined, as we experience unseasonably cold weather outside, I'm dreaming of an edible landscape with veggies, fruits and nuts in season and chemical (mostly) free. I hope my expressions of self help others to develop their own beneficial exploration of life on this little blue planet. After all life is finite, and precious and it chills my soul to think that any of us would waste this valuable time we have. With spring hiding just around the corner, I hope to find balance. Sharing experiences, but also getting out in the sun, digging down in the fresh warm earth, and connecting with roots just as much as I attempt to do every time I hop on the mat.


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