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Skitter Fritter Twitter: Ground.

Lately it seems that the world has been focused on "me/I/self". Tweets, selfies, fb posts, blogs, many ways to express yourself to others. This is good sometimes, at other points, I feel like the world (and even me too, I am chagrined to admit) is skittering and frittering away important time where we are documenting rather than existing in the moment. For me, part of it is the desire to feel less isolated. Also, it's the natural exchange of information. You share with me, I share with you. I don't see a lot of people that I know each day, so electronic contact is better than nothing, right? I think as a global culture, we are trying to define ourselves, and nested within that, a new generation is projecting their experience. How can we carry out a positive action of expression and learning without wasting life?

Moderation. Balance. Growth. Keys to yoga and life as well. Easy to say, not always simple to discover. Family should have a place, friends should have a pla…