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Don't worry, get dirty.

Feeling down? It's February and a few lovely days sprinkle in here and there, but we've reached the time of year that many people get the winter blahs, looking forward to the spring days ahead. In keeping with yoga's philosophy of staying in the present moment, how can we enjoy this time of year? One truly excellent way would be to get outside and start digging around! Maybe trimming some of the dead plants from last year, or raking a few errant leaves that have swirled back into the yard. Possibly turning the compost pile, or gathering any fallen bark or twigs. If you don't have a yard of your own, ask any family or friends if they need a hand, yard work is tough to get to for many people these days, they'll be so grateful to you for your energy!

It turns out this won't just make your friends and neighbors happy, it will make you happy!! According to a recent study at the University of Bristol, the bacteria in dirt have the ability to boost seretonin levels in …

Without violence

The world is full of violence, unfortunately. Some say it may just be a part of human nature but this is definitely not the only way we can respond. The "news" reaches us daily, from drug lord atrocities, to military casualties, to crimes right in our own city or neighborhood. It assaults us but even as we are forced to absorb it we must continue with our day and so in order to cope, we develop a shield. We find justification for the violence, or think that it will not extend to us, or accept it as a requirement of living. Some maybe even turn the news off, trying to block it out. Some philosophies find additional ways to deal with this toxic presence and one concept in yoga may help us not only simply cope, but rather return a different way of being back to the world.

Ahimsa is the sanskrit word that literally means "without violence". In other words, the goal that we do no harm, that we do not kill or harm others. In some versions, this can extend even to a bug on…