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Dry, Cold, Winter...Hydrate!

Water is one of the very most important substances that living creatures require. Sometimes it can be taken for granted. Chronic dehydration is linked to multiple health issues, and it's unlikely someone that is not health conscious would even notice, especially in the cold months!

In the heat of summer, it is easier to realize the need for water. Many people are watering the grass, going swimming at the pool or ocean, or sweating it out during exercise under the sun. Winter on the other hand might catch us off guard. It may not be appealing to chug a large glass of ice water while out to eat in January. Don't be afraid to ask them to hold the ice. Would you water a house plant with ice-cold liquid? No! Why do it to yourself?

Even in cold weather, the body will sweat if exertion requires it to cool down. This could be dangerous if an individual is spending extended time in the elements and over-cools. In addition, the cool, dry air of winter, and the hot dry air of the heater c…

Be pecky!

You might be wondering "What in the world is pecky"? I too would have asked that until yesterday when I was watching my husband's new favorite show, Swamp Loggers. I learned about pecky cypress, and it's pretty awesome! Cypress trees often grow in swamps and for unknown reasons, certain trees are attacked by a type of fungus that creates lens shaped pockets throughout the wood (as you can see in the photos above). In addition this wood is extremely dense, much stronger than a cypress without the pockets. Some of the trees may be up to 1000 years old, and in fact one about that age weighs around 28000 pounds! This highly desirable wood is incredibly durable and stable, lasting hundreds of years more when it is used in homes or other places for human appreciation. It is given a value of around twice that of any other wood harvested in the swamp.

What can we learn in this lesson from nature? Sometimes the challenges of life permeate and affect us profoundly, even attacki…