ON Friday, January 29, I'm grateful for...

A cozy warm house.

The chance to help children.

My new snowboard, bindings and boots, all ordered on ebay separate days, arrived all at once!! If that is not a sign, what is? Look out slopes, I'm coming.

A comfortable bed.

The chance to work out.

Mexican food.

Ed's house skills, we are almost done with our spare room, office design imminent!

My new little philodendron micans plant and the chance to pot it. Nothing like a little fresh dirt under your nails in the winter.

Midwestern kindness.

New York style.

San Diego sand.

Bromley decaff green tea, the best in the world.

All pending babies, Melissa, Emily, Dulcinea!

My dad and his wonderful impact on this world and me, and his sense of humor.

My mom and her kindness to us.

Marble and marbles.

Friday nights.


Renewal. Change. Shifts in consciousness. Vision.

My robe and slippers.

A pristine and peaceful kitchen table.


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E. Michelle said...

Thank you for being you :)

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