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Tango and Yoga

When I first moved to Kansas City, I missed Spain. My heart yearned for the beauty of even a simple Spanish street, and the glow of energy I experienced while living in Valencia for a year. I became connected to tango in Kansas City through a woman I worked with, her story is for another day, it is a rich one, I thank her for the gift of tango. I was joined to their email list, and when I began to attend tango sessions, the essense of Spain came to life for me here in the midwest. Enjoying each tango practice, I met new people, and came to know or at least recognize a few. A dear visiting baker from Switzerland was so nice and funny. I loved the beautiful shoes, luscious dancing, and sparkling auras. Small snacks and wine, a little dancing room, and music from all over the world brought a few strangers together as darkness fell over Westport. The city disappeared completely and I felt myself transported. Everyone was beautiful in a unique way, inside and out. Each person's style a…

Yoga in the Ninth Month

September is here and with it comes just a hint of autumn. Trees are starting to drop a leaf or two, and although it's been a sauna in K.C. lately, the temperature will soon take a refreshing dip. Students are back to school, adjusting to early mornings and new topics of learning. August has held a slightly less yoga -connected series of weeks for me, but now we are revving back up as the crisp days lay out before us. Starting this week, I will be teaching two yoga classes a week. Wednesday nights we will have class 6:30 to 7:30 at Barefoot Fitness Studio. This will be a smaller class where I hope to tailor the class to the students.

Wednesday afternoons, I will be teaching a class at the school where I teach. I have contacted the district and will be working with them to offer a class right after school, for one hour. I am very excited for this chance to bring yoga to teachers and other staff each week. Over 20 people have expressed interest, and it will be so nice to see the …