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pre-natal yoga ponderings

How does one do yoga with a baby on board? About the same as pre-bebe for me. Common sense should prevail of course, but in general avoid major twists, long stints on your back, and anything that doesn't feel right, as usual. My own yoga experience during pregnancy has been interesting. In the nauseated days when I was still teaching class, I had a constant fear of tossing my yogi cookies in front of potentially horrified participants, but thank goodness it never happened! As I progressed I could do most stuff and some things even felt more stable, surprisingly tree, half moon and down dog were highly doable.

As I enter the last couple weeks of this unique approximately 266 day experience, some issues have arisen and are fine, but new to me. Potty break before, during and after class was necessary last week, ha ha, listen to your body is never more unignorable than during pregnancy. The body is practically shouting its messages, take it easy, rest those feet, EAT. I shortened my do…

Yoga Mama

As I sit here, the baby is kicking quite a lot, most often in the right ribs, simmer down sweet pea, we'll meet soon :) This has been quite a journey over the last 34 weeks and counting, around 6 to go! Those early and long couple of months of wretched nausea gave way to relative normalcy. Okay, it's been different but not too bad - nighttime jaunts to the restroom and kitchen, more doctors visits than I've had in my whole life to name a couple. Of course the ever present reminder is the central-level expansion right around my root chakra, on a costant mission to grow a baby. In the meantime I have felt pretty good, but a little more tired, more popping of the knees, more food-focus, less shoe-lace competence, and a host of emotional experiences that are fine but can also be overwhelming at times.

Through this trip I've come to realize a few things from yoga apply now more than ever. Number ONE (which takes care of all others, really): Find the present moment. Having a…