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Green Yoga

It seems like greenhas reached a tipping point. I hear this word so often lately. What is "green"? Well, grass is green, and so are trees. So it has something to do with nature, hmmm. I like nature, really I love it. Since I was a little kid living by a lake outside of town, it has been delightful. Tadpoles, crawdads, skeletons and petri dishes peppered my childhood. Most people do love it, don't they? Unfortunately some children today are losing touch with backyards rapidly, some even fear the great outdoors. Richard Louv writes about this distressing trend in his book, Last Child in the Woods.
As I contemplate my garden outside, I think of those pesky mosquitos and how I wish they weren't biting me. But that is the point, isn't it, that every part of nature has a niche, and therefore has value. We can't decide what stays and goes. These elfin arthropods feed a lot of birds and spiders, which help control other insect populations. So, what can we really do …

gone til September

Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well. September is just around the corner and with it comes the beginning of the academic year. You may not know that September is National Honey Month. You can check our information about honey here. In addition, it would be a lovely time to make a visit to your favorite local farmer's market, or perhaps an herb shop. Missouri has a wonderful place to try if you're considering a weekend trip - Jim Long's Herb Shop. I will be teaching yoga in September, probably in a couple of places and locations. If you're interested in joining, just send me an email at We will be meeting either Mondays or Wednesdays at Barefoot Fitness Studio, and Tuesdays at Jiva Studio.

September Yoga Class

I am writing to see if you are interested in participating in a weekly yoga class, starting the second week in September. I am Level 1 Certified through YogaFit as an instructor ( I will be taking Level 2 and Prenatal classes coming up in September so I will have some new and exciting poses for you!

The class would meet eitherMonday or Wednesday evenings, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm and the location is the Barefoot Fitness Studio, located in Prairie Village, KS. It is near 75th and Mission. Emily Morris is the owner of this house/studio, where she has created a wonderful yoga space. You can check out her blog at: and see pictures of the studio there. The cost would be 40 dollars. Please let me know if you are interested, and if so, which night would be best, Monday or Wednesday. Please share if you have any suggestions, questions or comments. No previous yoga experience necessary! This class would continue on a monthly basis, depending on inte…

What is Yoga?

Most people have heard of yoga, and have formed an idea of what they think it is. One yoga expert (Judith Hanson Lasater) shares her views about yoga and potential benefits here:

For Beginners:
The Benefits of Yoga PracticeThere is an old story in the ancient literature of India about a student attempting in vain to describe the taste of a mango. Listening to the futile words, the teacher shakes his head, smiles, and picking up a ripe luscious mango, bites into it. Writing about the benefits of hatha yoga is a little like this. If you practice poses, breathing and relaxation, no words are necessary because you "have tasted the mango." If you haven't tried a yoga class, words are probably not powerful enough by themselves to convince you. Experience, as the wise tell us, is the only true teacher.
While there has been some scientific documentation of the benefits of yoga, what is more important to consider about yoga are the responses of those who have practiced. Virtu…

My August Teaching Schedule:

Location: Jiva Studio (80th & Metcalf)

Note: August 3rd and 6th classes are cancelled.