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Talk what you want to walk.

In life, there is a lot that can get to us and affect us and stay with us. Work, home, relationships, and even random moments can all shift our days and weeks up, or down. How we frame events, interactions, and experiences can make a big difference in the flow of our days and how we feel overall. A big component of this basic sense of self is all about how we talk to ourselves in our own minds.

Where and how does this voice get formed? I think a lot of it comes from genetics, childhood and our parents, but also from our major life experiences. Now that I'm raising my own child, I want that voice that I am sharing to be a strong and steady one. Its a fine line to walk between teaching a natural awareness of the world, to being a afraid of fearful or negative about it.

So how do we most effectively shape our voice for ourselves and our children (or friends and family) for the positive? We must start with ourselves. We need to identify our "triggers" or those areas which ca…