Often in life we go along happily falling into a routine. Suddenly, life can experience a huge shift. I think of this sort of like an earthquake. A large event forever changes your personal topography. That event for me was having a baby. I quit my job. I moved. I'm moving again soon. I love it all. It's a grand experience and I feel like I'm along for the ride, occasionally captain of this ship. Once things settle I hope to embrace yoga once again. For now, I'm embracing aspects other than the physical practice. What is your latest earthquake??? Namaste, Kat


Jessica said...

Becoming a mom has been my big earthquake, too. The thing that has been the hardest for me is realizing I no longer have control of my schedule or flexibility to change my schedule. Everything pretty much revolves around when the little man needs to eat or sleep or get away from being overstimulated or whatever. And because I'm back at work, I feel like my evenings and weekends need to be with my baby, so I feel like my social life has pretty much disappeared. However, being back at work means I get to go to free yoga again. My first time back was this Wednesday, and it was so wonderful. We focused on the idea of evolution and tried to be mindful of something we want to improve in ourselves. Mine was just to be more accepting of my new self (body shape, abilities as a mom, limitations as a professional, etc.). It was way good for me. Plus, final relaxation was the first time I was completely relaxed and at peace since my son was born!

Kat said...

I agree that with children you must give up a degree of control. Their needs come first so many times in a day, there is no option to do whatever whim comes to you. I'm so glad your job provides yoga, I believe more companies will trend this way as they realize the benefits of mentally and physically balanced employees. Acceptance is such a wonderful place to relax, I'm so glad you found it. I took several yoga classes that were also a wonderful hour of focusing only on me for a moment. Sometimes an hour can be very restful and at the same time empowering and refreshing. Thanks for sharing Jessica!

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