Sold Out to the Ballgame?

I was thinking today and over the last few days about cultural point of view. In the world there are many points of view. The American point of view is pretty young, adolescent you might say. Many teens don't tend to make the best choices, they are impulse driven. I know, I work with them. Not the best choices on diet, risk, time management. As a teenager grows up, they start to gain experience, they learn from mistakes. I hope our culture can perhaps do the same as it matures and ripens.

Lately, I have a rekindled desire for fresh food. I looked at some cookies in the store the other day, they expire in december. Ick! I do not want packaged and preserved - honestly if it can sit on the Hyvee shelf for 5 months that is pretty gross to eat, what is in there that is so toxic to mold and bacteria that they won't touch it? I guess there's no air in there but still, that's just great, anerobic cookies...mmmmm. Also I have a yearning for quality hand-made products - such as the solid oak dining table and chairs I recently ordered from Nebraska Furniture Mart (made by the Amish of Ohio). They won't come until mid-October and that is fine. Actually I enjoy waiting for them to be crafted, it builds anticipation. I feel happiness knowing my descendants will actually want them someday, rather than putting some particle board hunk out for the junkyard. I am tired of seeing the "made in...you name it" labels on almost everything. What happened to America? We somehow sold ourselves out.

There are many jobs to be had that do not exist here any longer. Maybe it's not popular to say, but it is sad that so many companies went overseas because they could not afford to pay the "required" wage here, maybe they are just too greedy, but do we punish them at the cash register and send them a message? Surely a hunk of these unemployed people would feel much better if they could get some kind of job?? rather than nothing at all to feel good about at the end of the day. But we could change back if we tried. Please consider trying. Think global, buy local. Consider reviewing THE STORY OF STUFF if you have not seen it at all, or for a while. It's true. And saddish if we don't grown up. Come on, we don't want to live in mom's basement when we are 25. We don't want to continue to be a culture of lavish excess and self-loathing. And that's the beauty of life. We don't have to stay in high school forever, we can graduate whenever we want.


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