Where is your energy?

Percolating in my thoughts today is how our energy shapes us. Maybe because I see such interesting energy shifts in the team I coach. "Young at heart", vs. "old before his time" are not just a physical expressions, but rather a mental reflection of our energy. Our outlook definitely could shape our physical body, but it also shapes our path in life. If we believe, "I am nothing" perhaps it will come true. It is especially sad when kids take the negative messages of others and internalize them. I like to think the "Shakti" is helping us along, finding the right vibrations of this universe.

So, what is your energy in life? Do you think to yourself, "I'm old", just because you are 30? Or do you think about someone 97, and admire their grit, realizing you're a bit of a pup if you haven't passed half a century. Perspective is powerful.

Where is the energy of your professional life? Do you complain daily about your employment situation? Or feel grateful to have one? Maybe a little of both, but if you're truly hating your job, what steps are you taking to change it? Applying for jobs, polishing that resume, or even simple going back to school to get ideas?

What is your personal energy? Do you wake up each day with a smile or a groan of angst? Why? What could you do to make that first thought a good one? We do have the power to shape our days, but it may take a lot of legwork and foresight, not to mention the vision to see where YOU want to be and to walk toward it without flinching, looking around, or sidestepping your dream.

Here's to the energy of truth, honesty, optimism, and gratitude. With these energies flowing, we will thrive.


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