We don't need no Education?

Today at school, it has come to my mind: what makes a good teacher? Someone kind, talented, and knowledgeable for sure. What sets the truly great teachers apart? I think of some major teachers in my life. I would say a sense of humility, humor, and the ability to share information in a thorough and engaging way. This could be a teacher of many things, whether high school or yoga.

In addition, a good teacher sets high expectations, while scaffolding constantly for those that need the extra help. They set some ground rules, but also show flexibility for those in need of a break. They have a high vision of and for each student, and share this vision so that the student can grow to meet it. They take time to make moments special, and allow for personal exploration of the subject at hand. In the end, the best teachers also seek to learn constantly, and to review and revise, making the good better, and the better best. We all do need our education, and it never stops.


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