Bittersweet Symphony of Friends

As my thoughts have turned to music lately, let's keep the theme going! Albert Einstein was known to say that the music of Mozart, "was so pure that it seemed to have been ever-present in the universe, waiting to be discovered by the master." Kinda like E=mc2 actually. An interesting parallel grows between these two men, geniuses in unique ways. The thought percolates in my mind, if they had ever been able to meet (not possible due to the times they lived), they would have been great friends. To read more on this pair of masters, see the link to a NY Times Article here:


This brings us to the issue of friendship. They say good, and maybe difficult things happen in groups of 3. It feels like that right now. Recently in my life, three wonderful people and friends are shifting away in terms of location. The first is Jenny, a good friend since I moved to Kansas City and our little fab 4 was the midwest version of SATC. We went to Kona, went dancing, attended Bacchus events, and house parties, dined together and chatted about work, boys, and life in general. She recently got married and moved to a city just a few hours away. Her Simpson House wedding was wonderful with live music and dancing, but we are sad she is gone and miss her steady presence already.

Next comes my friend Amitha. While we did not spend as much time together, every time we did was a delight. This kind and intelligent doctor is such a sweet and cheerful person, she is a wonderful addition to the field of medicine. I was happy and sad last night at her wedding, as she moves away, a little farther than the first friend. I told her close friend Laura last night, let's plan a road trip...summer 2011!

The final friend shifting places is my close friend at work, Hilary. We've seen each other almost daily for the last 4 years teaching together in the same community. Our friendship has grown as we've coached soccer together over the last two years. Her artistic skills in video and photography have created not just a documentation of the team, but a masterpiece of history for each girl that I know they will treasure for the rest of their lives. She always has creative but sensible solutions for the problems we encounter as teachers and coaches. We have been able to talk out our frustrations at work, and also move our students forward to new levels of leadership. She has done such amazing things for our seniors this year, with far more of them receiving substantial scholarships and college acceptances than in the last 3 years combined. She will be missed in our school. She is moving to California soon, for her husband's work as well. I'm just noticing a pattern here. I love you husbands, but you keep taking my friends away!! :) In addition, she is expecting a baby, what a wonderful experience. I am sorry I will not be there as close to share it. I do expect many pictures amiga!! I'm also hoping to explore skype!!

What creates lasting friendships? In the case of Einstein and Mozart, I don't think they even had to live at the same time, the traits they shared were a bond that surpassed space and time, Albert would like that I think. In some ways true friendship does require proximity, although the technology today certainly helps. I think of great friendships of my life that have faded little by little, due to moving from Spain, or spreading out after college. I do not treasure them any less, nor have they lost their brilliance. In Spain I felt and noticed that people tend to stick to their roots and traditions, and often remain near their place of birth, their families, and lifelong friends. At time time I didn't feel that way, but more and more I am thinking, what a wise idea, our young American culture has so much to learn.

I want to wish all my friends, and especially each of these three ladies all the best in their new endeavors, and although it will be a little more difficult to get together, I know we all will make the effort. As Anne of Green gables calls friends, "kindred spirits" do not change with years or location, our souls recognize each other instantly and joyously, and pick up where we left off. Cheers to you ladies and best wishes in your new places! Please come back to visit and we will visit you too! My house is your house, do not forget you have a home in Kansas City.


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