Fruits of my Labor

Isn't it so easy to come up with an excuse as we end our day and head home from work? I'm tired, I'm hungry, so we skip the gym and grab some unhealthy food choice. What brings us to this victim state? At the end of the day, can we admit it? Ourselves. We might not know how to take that moment to sit and clear the mind before we turn reactive instead of proactive. It is immensely difficult but if we open the channel that contains love of self, it gets easier. Open this energy within yourself. Breath in health and let it wash over. If you can't get out to run or to pump those weights, or even to a yoga class, throw your mat down in your house, flick on your favorite beats, and your own body becomes not only the method to still any brain chatter, but indeed the weight to strengthen muscles, and the force to ground us.

If you want, test out chair flow with forward folds alternating for 3 minutes with deep satiating breaths, cow/cat for 2 minutes, and 5 minutes of gentle sun salutations. Consider trying it on once and see if it fits.

Here we can sweep up and expel tension, sweat out the woes of the day and whoever pushed our buttons, and find a nice clean cut between the day, and your very own evening, possibly full of gratitude for this fascinating life. Enjoy! You have earned it, you are amazing!

Light be with you...


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