Ever feel like you are in a yoga pause? Maybe you feel like you aren't gaining ground in terms of flexibility, breath, or other things. But consider that neither are you losing ground! Society has allowed us to lose some of the innate strength and posture our predecessors experienced consistently. Instead of working on the farm, we're slouchin' on the couch. Rather than sitting up straight in a wood chair, we're hunching towards that computer screen and forgetting our spines!

What does it take to maintain? I would say from my own experience that a weekly practice does wonders, both mentally and physically. If you are looking to make noticeable flexibility gains, or strength changes, 2 or more times a week might be something to try and test out. I have definitely noticed more flexibility after about 1 year of steady weekly practice, but when I practice more than once a week, I definitely feel that I'm getting stronger as well. You might consider some introductory weight training to complement your practice. This can build stamina and allow you to rediscover postures from a more steady and confident space. The actual asana might feel like an entirely new experience as our core lifts us, and our shoulders lengthen. A daily practice might just mean 3 sun sals in the morning, or standing in tree while brushing your teeth, even this small series of moments can lead to more awareness throughout our week and get us back into a healthy posture and body nurturing.

Here's to our yoga growth!

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