This planet is about 4.6 billion years old. It was a molten ball, later an oceanic sterile sphere, and now it teems with life from thermal vents to icy waters to lush jungles. Humans have roughly been around 3 million years, depending on what you consider human, some would say more like 30 thousand. Absolute max, each of us will move through this planet for 130 years.

Makes you think right? How do we get caught up in the small stuff? Life is so precious on this vivacious blue planet, and definitely rare in this universe. Take each day as a beautiful, precious, and divine blink in the grand scheme of things. Balance your life with short-term and long term joy. Try to keep this big picture in mind if you have to deal with a crazy driver, or some chore around the house. Take some moments every day to enjoy the beauty of this world, and the joy of life and it's fragility.


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E. Michelle said...

Live in the timeless and beautiful moment. It's always NOW.

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