Mrtasana - The Pose of the Corpse

Each time we end yoga, we arrive at our final relaxation. Known as Savasana (also spelled Shavasana or Sarvasana) the meaning of the sanskrit word above in the title (stated mrta-asana) literally means corpse. It can be found at any time but is most often noticed gently giving closure to each yoga practice. The amount of time we can explore here varies from a few minutes, up to a half hour, some suggestions state approximately 5 minutes for every 30 minutes of practice. I want to take a little more time this week to experience and develop what we are feeling and what we are doing here.

Arms are typically near the sides of the body, but might be as far out as 45 degrees, with palms facing skyward. The hips are relaxed, allowing the ankles and feet to fall limp. The torso and core are loose, moving only with the rise and fall of breath. Is is especially important to align the neck as best we can, allowing each ear to be equidistant from the tops of the shoulders, a parter or teacher may help see what we can't ourselves.

In this pose, we can being by focusing on relaxing all muscles of the physical body as we find a full deep breath, and especially explore letting go with the supports around our sense organs. We relax the tongue and mouth, nose and eyes, and the ears as well, feeling each of them unengage and sink gently. In this resting pose, our mind calms, stress is reduced, and our blood pressure is likely to lower. We can free the mind to nothingness, a sweet interlude.

See you in Savasana!


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