These are a few of my favorite things.

Another holiday season is upon us. I find myself thinking about how to simplify, but also how to make it special and memorable. I'm planning on getting a real Christmas tree this year, it will be the first time I am the adult making this happen. Cool. I did just read the other day, keep in mind a holiday is just one day out of the year, each day is special in it's own way, and I do agree with this world view. This time of year, I start to reflect a little, looking back at the ups and downs of the year that is closing down. I've been on a bit of a health journey this year after feeling extremely fatigued this past spring. In fact, I came down with a bad tummy bug that almost made me pass out cold on the bathroom floor. That scared me. After checking in with my doctor for a physical, I found out I have a decent case of iron deficiency anemia. I had no idea how common it is, and felt foolish for not taking more iron into my body for the last five years of high need time, although I do eat a pretty healthy and varied diet so I also felt surprise. I feel like this has been going on for a while under the surface, and it was great to get the knowledge that I can do something about it and hopefully gain back energy I have been missing.

Long story short, taking iron has not totally corrected things yet (but it has helped some), so I find myself realizing I can't just take the easy way by popping an iron pill, it's not working.  So I have been pouring over articles and we've ruled out a few things, it appears for some reason I'm not absorbing/retaining iron all that well, so I am upping my vitamin C and my natural iron sources from diet and will up my iron supplement a little bit as well. Did you know oysters, mussels, parsely, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate and black strap molasses are rich in iron? Also spinach, prunes, black beans, lentils and iron skillets. They're all in my plans although to some extent they have always been there. I might draw the line at liver. Ugh :) The topic of health makes me realize how lucky I am that I have a treatable and relatively mild condition and access to good health care. I think back over my life and the moments (or months) where a friend or coworker or family member dealt with something so much more difficult. And so I feel thankful. In that spirit, here are a few of my favorite things from 2015.
  • Watching Clay play by the ocean on his first ever visit to see it. He seemed to prefer sand over surf but got in the water a little bit, and it was a lovely chance to take the sun in during gloomy February. We also met our nephew Rowan for the first time so it was fun to watch the cousins play.
  • Picking out four baby chicks to care for and raise. It has been a fun journey and now we have our own eggs. Alice, Marigold, Moonflower & Willie and their hilarious antics have been a unique addition to country life.
  • MOPS- A cool time to meet, eat, and learn and reflect on key life issues with other moms. Pretty awesome!
  • Teaching yoga to tots at the KC ZOO. Lots of fun visits with the little man to see such a variety of animals. My mom was able to come several times so we definitely got our steps in!!
  • Running a 5km race while pushing the little guy up and down the numerous hills of Watkins Mill State Park. I was exhausted (*see anemia above ha*) but it was exhilarating to finish the race up a hill, and then rest!
  • Driving up to Pikes Peak, watching the big horn sheep frolic, enjoying Garden of the Gods, Estes Park, and RMNP with Ed and Clay.
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding for the first time ever with three of my lifelong girlfriends. Amazing. Splash, climb, repeat. Foot burn to the extreme, in such a good way.
  • Watching a bona fide bagpipe player share his talent on the front porch of Breath Deep. Experiencing and guiding yoga there has been such a great flow, and I love the healthful facet this lovely place has added to Kearney. 
  • Reading the Outlander series. Such a great and epic story. Still going but on the last book, not exactly sure when I began but I'm sure I'll get more sleep when it's over. Life changing.
I wish you happy "holi-days" but also happy every-days!

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