FOMO problems, yo I'll solve it!

Do you ever have fear of missing out (FOMO)? Like life is really happening and you're not a part of it?? So maybe that's why you check twitter or watch the pathetic local news (it really is just reekingly poor content), or check into facebook way too often. I'm sure I have FOMO. I admit it. Not sure why but does it really matter? The HUGE and obvious irony here is that by perusing such things, we are actually MISSING out on real life. I stumbled upon a web page recently and suddenly something clicked, I am on facebook too much, doh! I feel like I should give it a shout out. He's a little extreme. But hey, so is life. Rawr!

What in my life would be better if I wasn't sopping up moments staring at stupid stuff? So... I'm taking a week off. You can do it too, here's how if you are addicted to facebook like me. Go to password change and make up a crazy hard password that you write down somewhere and will never remember otherwise. Now, put the password somewhere that's kinda hard to get to. IF FOMO kicks in, just relax and do yoga or breathe for 5 minutes instead of getting the password. We didn't have facebook 10 years ago, it will be okay. This is as much for me as you people lol. If someone desperately needs to find you or me, they will, hopefully they are not the gestapo. Maybe it's just social isolation that makes me like facebook, I'm not sure. Being a stay at home parent can be a touch lonely, but there are ways to shore it up!

A few things I would like to work on during this week (or perhaps more?) while I'm out of the face space: getting up a little earlier so I can get some yoga in before anyone else is awake (well, before my tot is awake anyway, my Roo man is up sooo early crowing). Cook more better and eat a bigger breakfast. Lately I am starving by lunchy time, I think it's because I've been adding a touch of running to my schedule. Literally I am hangry in your face cannot function starving and feeling faint by 11:30am. I recently found out I have a tiny touch of anemia and I also blame this for my new starvation feelings, I think my body is working really hard to up my blood and muscles back to normal now that I am channeling my inner iron goddess and focusing on taking a supplement and also working in all foods iron-rich: red meat, spinach, bitter herbs and vitamin C to increase absorption, you name it I've been reading about it. Any tips for me if you have been there? Did you know about 10% of women of child bearing age are anemic? Damn. Take some iron ladies, it's good for us!! Of course, don't overdose. That's bad for us. A nice multivitamin with iron will suffice if you're not sure but by all means ask your doc to check if you are feeling fatigued, that's what I did and lo and behold, my ferritin was pathetic. I am now thinking that it's been that way for a few years. Oops.

Once I get that normal, I'm shooting for a few running goals. Nothing otherworldly. Just a 5km run in September and October, I would be happy with 12 minute miles in September and 11 minute miles in October. I think I can really get into better shape once the tot is back to preschool in late August. But honestly I can exercise some in July/August as well, he does well in the jogging stroller and all the more reason to get out of the house while it's cool in the morning.

Another task...I want to work on general house clutter. Hosting the 4th of July is a good reason to clear out the major rooms, but I even want to tackle the storage basement...dum da dum dum dum. We'll see how she goes! I should really do some before and after shots and show you guys. I just need to donate some stuff and trash some stuff and maybe even BURN some stuff (sensitive documents) yes I am a secret agent, okay?? Shhh... My inner chemist is happy with that one! It's not outside the realm of possibility, my hubby has a burn barrel and we live in the country, two strikes in my favor. We have never done it but both aspire to it. Other goals for the week, be more present with my dear tot and do some fun projects, and also keep him away from screens. We don't have a lot of screen toys like smart phones or iPads but he loves this Canadian guy on youtube named Bill and I'm quite sure his dose of Bill per week is too high. I KNOW my dose is too high.

Anywhoo, will try to check back in this week and keep ya posted here on the blog. I might even take some live film of my chickens!! I know everyone would want to see that right? They are a hoot, I mean, a bock really. They are hilarious!! How does this tie into yoga? Well maybe I will have a little extra time to focus on some zingy yoga class stuff for Wednesdays at Breathe Deep, not to mention I want to work on music a little bit too. I can already feel the facebook section of my brain morphing out a bit. I did this last summer too, that was a week of vacation but this is sort of feeling very freeing as well. Let's release the fear and find something else. JOJI? (Joy of Jumping In?)



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