Dear DAD

Just about 6 years ago, my dear dad passed away suddenly at the age of 68. We had no chance to say goodbye. So I tend to get a little sad this time of year. This was before I had a dear tot of my own. This year we are working (my mom really is doing it) on getting a bench put in at Anneberg park in Manhattan in his memory. We have been looking through some old emails and remembering his funny, thoughtful, scientific, at times silly, humble, grinning and joking ways. My family was fond of walking or running there at the park, and we spent a lot of time there with soccer and other events. 

As a parent now, I feel like I really understand my dad even more than I used to, and I see how selfless he was with his time and spirit in both his work and his family life, spending time with each of us 5 children in special ways. I am so grateful for his wonderful supportive presence in my life. So, here's something I thought I would share that is sad but true. I never got to give my dad his last father's day card. It was there on my fridge, written in and sealed up on the day he died, June 19th, 2009. So if you have a dad out there and he's a good dad, show him and tell how much you love him this father's day and share your gratitude for him, with him. The crazy part of life is, you don't really know in life when you will get a chance to do that, and so I'm going to make up a yoga quote. "Seize the present moment to share love and happiness with those people that have cared for you for so long, recognize the deep love in them, and bow to them." 



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