20-15 in 2015.

Hello friends. Congratulations on another turn around the sun. We find ourselves in a brand spanking new year! Woo. 2015 has a nice ring to it. 2014 for better or worse, is g-o-n-e. My powerful grandmother was born in 1914 and is 100 now, what a life she has led and what a variety of changes each new year has brought to our world. But that is the pastward thinking a tad, as you know, we yogis have to always work on and in the present as best we can. The present for me is alive with scintillating possibilities as we turn the page to another chapter of life.

At the dawn of each year, many of us have high hopes of newness and fun and freshness in our lives. We might make a long or short list of intentions, or join a gym, take a class... something to kick start a new leaf turning. But, how does real and lasting change occur in our lives? It's not just one method, so we have to experiment a bit. I believe it starts with being intentional, and also with recognizing our true priorities. What we really value and prioritize, we will achieve. In addition, I believe that in order to gain something new, we MUST create the space for it. I mean this actually in a literal way. I believe that the energy of the space around us affects our ability to plan and prioritize our goals. So for me, this year is going to be about letting go(!) gasp, another yoga philosophy. I've already made a decent start with some uncluttering and organizing. I have a way to go, but I know I will get there. I think for all of us letting go successfully requires the process of actively detaching memories and emotions from the excess of physical objects in our space. In addition, it means being flexible in accepting that this process will take time and energy, but will ultimately be very worthwhile. A couple pithy tips from my recent reading on the subject: Don't touch the items of sentimental value too much (or wear gloves if you're like me and don't have a personal assistant!). For those really important items, take a photo so you will still have a digital keepsake, and back it up on google or a spare hard drive.

Another goal is often exercise. My recommendation here? Join a class and stick with it for at least a few months. As a group exercise instructor of a yoga class with a small but steady weekly following, you notice things. I always see the greatest growth in those with the discipline and follow through to make a commitment to the practice. Of course life can get in the way at times, but when you have a group that is social and supportive, amazing things can happen. It truly is a fun and nurturing space. In addition, these past few months I have found the energy (and time) to re-commit myself to exercise for myself not just as a teacher but also as an individual. When you teach, you are giving of yourself, you are flowing energy into others. When you take a class, you are investing simply in yourself. It's a wonderful experience for me to do both. I also at times enjoy the solitary focus of a personal exercise practice. For me this can be yoga and can also be walking/jogging/cycling/swimming. What matters is that I am in tune with my breath and my energy and I am patient with myself. This involves keeping the present very supportive and kind (and REAL) rather than dwelling on high school races in which I was oh so much faster (and younger!) than I am these days. 35 minus the 20 oh my to realize how young we were! I'm sure my grandma really feels that way too. A lovely space for me is the new yoga studio here. The energy is so good. I hope you too can find a variety of healthy places and spaces in your life this year.

In this new year, I am excited for another dance around the sun. We have some travel planned and that warms my heart oh so nicely. The world is always alive with possibilities. I believe this is a philosophy or life outlook that keeps me happy and moving with joy. I don't know exactly what is around the corner, but I am eager to find out. Cultivating life (on the mat or in the garden or my little tot) keeps me excited to see what leaves will naturally unfurl themselves, without too much effort, perhaps just a touch of water and sun. Effortless grace is around us, if only we have the mindset to absorb the beauty that is.

Namaste and Happy 2015!

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