Mind mimics matter mostly!

Have you ever noticed that it's easier to relax in a nice clean ordered space? Maybe that's why it's nice to do yoga or work out in a gym or studio where the surrounds are hopefully clean and pleasant. Relatively at least to the giant "corn harvest" operation that a certain talented tot has going on in my fireplace room. The point here is that when the space around me cluttered, it interferes with my internal compass, plans, plots, and desires. I lose sight of my goal or intentions because suddenly I start to move helter-skelter around the house, collecting flotsam and jetsam and attempting to return everything to it's place in my very own wide Sargasso sea.

I do this knowing full well that it will get moved around again oh so very soon as the cycles of stuff occur. There's the clothes cycle: wear, wash, store, repeat. The pet cycle: feed, water, clean up messes, groom, repeat. The toys cycle: sort into wonderfully labeled bins, get mixed around on the floor, return to bins, eventually return to large storage dump or bag and someday be sorted again, maybe. Lately I've worked on and found success in pre-planning some of the organization. I'm thinking ahead a bit to tomorrow so that once I get there, I'm pretty much ready. That allows today to fill in nicely as well.

I'm also spot-organizing. If I have a place in the house that has backed up, I'm tackling that in small chunks at a a time. Closets are a good place for me to start, because sometimes the house looks good, but the closets don't. One of the main issues of "matter" for me is knowing what can actually fit in a space. I want to be too efficient, always. I want to super fill the dishwasher, washer, closet, bead storage box etc. Something I really have to step back and realize is that if something is too full (a closet, drawer, shelf, etc), it's never really going to be a good functional space. I have to pare down before I can align. Hey, that sounds suspiciously like yoga. Or meditation. I'm definitely in love with yoga, and I'm in like with meditation. I don't honestly think you can have yoga without some meditation, although I do think meditation can stand alone if need be. But why?? :) Seriously.

An old and good friend of mine Emily has started a blog recently on habit formation.


I am really enjoying the analytical way that her lawyer mind works to get across the information. I'm not sure I get information across in quite the same way, although I do feel that I too am logical. :) Just in a quirky chemist teacher yoga Kat way. Anyhoo, she talks in one post about how thoughts work in her mind and I think she is sharing what many of us have. The "monkey mind". Many thoughts, much excitement, past and future, emotion and logic all swirling around in there. I'm going to get this book soon from the library:


I'm hoping Emily will join me in a little meditation challenge. 5 minutes a day for the next month! Will you do it Emily? :) A cross blog challenge. I will accept a challenge as well from you, should you chose to throw one out there. I am interested in the Paleo diet and I have already been inspired to incorporate a few paleo-esk changes to my diet, particularly more fruits/veggies and less grains at least and also keep healthy protein high. I am also curious if you feel that your surroundings might affect your inner habit formation as well? I do feel there is a strong connection for many of us.

Namaste all,

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