Are you what you EAT???

Have you noticed how our diets can run amuck so easily? For emphasis, I just looked up the word amuck so as to better clarify my thoughts. Surprisingly and perhaps profoundly it stated, "a murderous frenzy". That truly could describe the typical fast food joint on a Saturday around noon. Wall to wall people glaring, children riled up in anticipation, cell phoning, impatiently inching their way forward towards something that satisfies our oh so tapped-into primal urges for salt, fat, and heh heh "taste" in our food. Ironically, on a cellular level, the awaiting meal is like a clutch of biochemical daggers, traipsing down the gullet ready to maime, possibly silently over a few decades.

Perhaps the fact that I'm pregnant (and have been sick to my stomach at times) is what is causing me to question more and more just exactly what the heck I'm ingesting lately either out of desperation, convenience or simply lack of culinary know-how. "Corn syrup" okay that's a notable villian in the army, but what about his much lesser questioned hoarde: MSG, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate, guar, and resin just to name a few??? There's some arrogance to our modern culture, maybe partially our infantile trust in modern food science, that we'll eat something packaged for days, weeks, months maybe years, simply due to the fact that some date stamped on it assures that's just fine and dandy, not to mention a few unmentionables packed in for good measure. I know the days of our ancestors were not easy, lives were shorter, hunger a more present danger, but I'd almost prefer to be there taking my chances on a lean week or two, if that meant those meals I did enjoy were fresh, and what I was evolved to consume.

Here are a few local to KC places that I would feel good taking my delicate little stomach, and not to mention the neo-nate, lately. Please add any places you enjoy in the comments area. Lately meat is not my friend as much so veggie places are looking up as well!! Guess that's where yoga ties into this post ;)

Chacko's Bakery - Mission
Avelluto's Italian Delight - Mission
Eden Alley - The Plaza
Great Harvest Bread Co - Prairie Village
Mediterranean Market & Deli - Overland Park
The Mixx - Midtown/Plaza
Waldo Pizza - Waldo!
Jerusalem Cafe/Bakery - Westport



Erin said...

Guar is actually a bean...i had a friend that used to grow it. So I don't mind that. The rest of the stuff I won't eat.

Have you tried any smoothies? Those seem to really hit the spot. I like to add Oikos 0% yogurt in them and a splash of almond extract brings out flavors of fruits, especially berries/cherries.

Maybe you guys should take a cooking class? One of my friends doesn't cook much so her children eat mostly packaged/processed foods. Now she's trying to get them to eat healthy and they won't eat the healthy stuff!

Erin said...

If you want to really freak out, read the ingredients for red gatorade. Scary!

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