Screen out, walk on!

Recently we went on vacation to the mountains. It was really nice to get outside each morning, and simply put one foot in front of the other, enjoying sunlight, breeze, weather, and nature. I decided to stay computer free for the most part, and honestly it was pretty easy, even thought we had the laptop and internet access.

I question, why have computers and gadgets so absorbed our modern minds and time? How many minutes are spent, that in days gone by were used in other ways? A conversation face to face vs. email, a call vs a nebulous text. A hike vs. a facebook flop? I'm not even really speaking to those my age, we are not as supersorbed although we are on the cusp, aol chat was super popular my freshman year at KU, I got email in high school. Many teens and younger are texting hundreds of times a day. Seems like hands and wrists are going to wear out if decades are spent that way. Really we're the first generation that will approach retirement after a lifetime of computers. Should be interesting. And now, unless you actively choose, you can't escape them, and for parents, it could become a battle with children. I read about one family that consciously does weekends electronic free, not a bad idea. All tv, video games, etc are shut down Friday evening, and are not restored until Sunday evening. I think I will aim for something like that if we ever have kids. One thing that may have gone by the wayside in all this is reading. Sad!

A friend recently told us that she doesn't find watching tv relaxing, and I agree, adding to that category any electronic media, it's actually mentally stimulating and tiring! A good book is much more restful. So, here's to reading and hiking. Good for the soul, good for the hands, not to mention legs. And for those weeks we can't avoid screens, a little yoga could be just the right complement.


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