Why is yoga the best exercise in the world? I am convinced it is one of the best. Why? Mainly because you listen to your body and get a full range of benefits. You want cardio, move faster and flow the whole time. You want strength, plank and push up more, find the deeper expression of lunges and twists. Do you need to just relax? Then go ahead and do that. Yoga gives you what you need, if only you are able to recognize that fact and make your practice what YOU want. In search of weight loss? Maybe the mental calm of yoga will help you make better choices after class (although I admit it might make you feel more hungry too!). Do you want to fight aging? Increased circulation will help skin and vital areas of the body receive better nutrient distribution. The peace you can absorb will combat fatigue and loss of energy. In essense, yoga allows you to use your own body weight as a strength builder, all the while leading to balance as you find your own limits and gently test them over and over. The limits will change over time, with a consistent practice of at least a class a week. Three short sessions a week would be better than just one long session. So throw that mat down somewhere obvious and hop on it when you have 5 minutes to spare. Your body, and mind will thank you with a glow like none other.

Namaste yogis!

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