pre-natal yoga ponderings

How does one do yoga with a baby on board? About the same as pre-bebe for me. Common sense should prevail of course, but in general avoid major twists, long stints on your back, and anything that doesn't feel right, as usual. My own yoga experience during pregnancy has been interesting. In the nauseated days when I was still teaching class, I had a constant fear of tossing my yogi cookies in front of potentially horrified participants, but thank goodness it never happened! As I progressed I could do most stuff and some things even felt more stable, surprisingly tree, half moon and down dog were highly doable.

As I enter the last couple weeks of this unique approximately 266 day experience, some issues have arisen and are fine, but new to me. Potty break before, during and after class was necessary last week, ha ha, listen to your body is never more unignorable than during pregnancy. The body is practically shouting its messages, take it easy, rest those feet, EAT. I shortened my down dog to just one breath, and propped my hips up for all floor work, blankets are a pregnant ladies best friend, next to pillows of course. I wonder how to best carry yoga into the birth experience. I find that yoga helps me release tension (cos I yawn the whole class pretty much) and I know the hospital is not my calm place yet. I will do some chair flow, lateral flexion, and mountain in the early part of labor, possibly cow and cat. I will practice letting go, and visualization of another place. Above all, I will concentrate on my breathing, slow and steady is what mom and baby both need. Letting go of expectation is probably the hardest for me, since I have high hopes of a natural birth. I know it will be hard for me to let go of that if something freaky happens. Eventually I know I have to let go of judgment as well, of myself and others throughout the experience, trying to stay positive, focused and deliberate, we will all do the best we can and keep the intention of healthy mom and healthy baby in mind at all times. Namaste,


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Erin said...

Sounds like a good plan for birth. The hypnobirthing book I got has some great visualizations to help enhance labor.

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