Here we are.

Ever wonder how to best soak up the present moment? Sometimes its easier when the "right now" is enjoyable. A sunny day, a relaxing book on the sofa, or talking with a good friend and we don't want it to ever end. However, yoga doesn't ask us to just stay in the pleasant moments. Sometimes we go through those tough times too. Feeling sick, a migraine, and loss or injury of someone dear, or simple a time in life when we feel a little unsure or overwhelmed. It's far easier to try and escape these un-fun epochs. I say, those difficult moments absorbed may make the delightful times all the more sweet. So, please make hay while the sun shines but also try to see the bright side of a dark time or maybe just let the dark play out. All moments will pass, eventually, and the highs and lows give depth to the opposites.


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