What is surprise? Hard to pinpoint. It can be lovely I suppose. Many times I find it can be difficult, maybe I'm just a control freak. Today we went for a little walk at a park, and I had a happy thought that my family had been here walking one time. Then I got a great big shooting surprise as my mind realized that was just after my dad had passed away, and he would not be showing up in that particular memory. Ouch. Hard to win there at times, memories with him hurt, those without him do too.

A young baby typically loves surprise, peek-a-boo drawing out peals of laughter. What happens to us? Do we get conditioned by surprises at work, or otherwise that turn the joy over? I do love some little surprises...a dear letter out of the blue or when a rare but favorite song pops up on the radio. Seeing a friend somewhere when I didn't expect it.

I suppose surprises are shaped by the very expectations that we do have. If we can detach a little from our planned view, we we be affected a little less when any sort of strong shocks do come our way, for good or bad. I believe this is healthy. Tonight I went to a new experience, it was pretty good. I'm happy for those that made happy memories that will stand out.

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