If you want to sing out...

Recently I organized a Karaoke night out with the girls. I like it so much more than just going "out". Why? I don't know, it's cute. People put themselves out there. Some have awesome skills, some not so much (yours truly for example) but it doesn't really matter because a lot of well-loved songs are rolling around in the ether and the vibe is soothing.

Also, it addresses a chakra that I chose to work on. The throat chakra (energy center) is how we express ourselves, singing fortifies this chakra and grows it. Any time I sing, it feels great. Any time I go to a choir or vocal concert or even a symphony, I find myself happy and contented. I have delightful memories of singing in church with my family, a few notes of a certain song and I'm right there with them all. In addition, singing releases energy that we may not even realize we had stored up.

So, here's to expression! Wherever we find it!


Erin said...

I love singing too. I garden with my ipod and sing out loud while I'm out there. I think the plants really enjoy it. They've started looking nicer since I started singing.

Kat said...

Totally. Plants do respond to energy!! :)

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