Makin' Space

I have been thinking lately about how to create space using mindfulness and intention. Maybe The Office episode I saw recently prompted it all melding together. Michael and Jan are hosting a torturous dinner party, it turns out she takes most of the space and Michael is stuck squeezing into the remaining spots. Fun-nee, and sad too. But sometimes I feel like we DO get squeezed out by our possesions, maybe by other people, two words, close talkers. Hoarders being the extreme of their own physical constriction, but many of us are on the way there if we keep it all and keep buying more, something has gotta give people!

Personally my goal is peaceful space, both in terms of time, and also actually physical space as well. Ed and I have been working on a yoga spot in our basement, I already feel so happy that there is a nice portion of the basement now dedicated to useful and fun yoga! It's a great exercise place, and a very nice retreat to take a breather. I'll post some pictures in July!

In terms of my schedule, I have realized (thanks hubby for the idea) that I need to schedule some blocks of time here and there that are not "scheduled"! Ha, you might say, surely a teacher must have a lazy summer? Not really, and I am the first to admit, I made it that way. I'm teaching summer school through the end of the week, necessitating a 6am wakeup and then intense teaching for 5 solid hours. From there I have been adding in teaching yoga classes, and seeing if a chiropractor may help my rare but very icky headaches. Between these events and some meetings at school, my down time has not been much. I am really looking forward to my unofficial summer start next week. Space making goals include garden maintenance, a pool visit or two, and some reading and planning a little vacation for us in July.

I'm going to strive to make more space around the house as space opens up in my schedule. I'm considering a garage sale although I have never done that before! Any tips or ideas are appreciated! I already have a large bag of clothes ready to donate, and need to cull out some more. We have an old sofa and papazan chair that I might part with if Ed will agree too. I think both of us have work to do related to holding onto things, especially our own!

Maybe all this leads to a true yogini question. How do we make space in our hearts and minds? I do need to carve room for my new position at work, and I need to release my old one! Perhaps I will do some work to envision this mental shift as well. I'll leave you with a quote, the author surprised me but I love this message.

"The extent of your consciousness is limited only by your ability to love and to embrace with your love the space around you, and all it contains."
Napoleon Bonaparte


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Laura said...

So proud of you, can't wait to check out the space!

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