Yoga No Flow?

I recently felt compelled to pause the yoga class I teach. A deep spiritual part of my soul is asking why? Am I avoiding yoga? No I can say without hesitation. Honestly, I think super-duper overfilling my schedule would be detrimental to my health, definitely contrary to the goal of yoga to stay in the present moment. I do crave yoga but not the stress of the rush it would require weekly. In addition, teaching is a different experience from taking a class, of course! When teaching, I am there for others, not myself.

With soccer coaching looming I am feeling strain considering the long days ahead over the next couple of months. I do also feel joy but it is blanketed by worry for the incredible business that will accompany. I think if each of us squeezes a huge amount into each day, week, etc, we are constantly more likely to hop out of the present moment and into the next. We're shoving ourselves along, rather than consciously moving with purpose and grace.

I have a yoga training coming up and I'm really looking forward to taking some yoga after the small break recently. Stretch.It.Out. Ahhhhh. I also want to take this time to visit a few studios around the city here and there, some different instructors. I will know a few people at the training so that will be wonderful to kick off spring break. If I could I might "break" spring break up and just have 3 day weekends every week for 5 weeks it would make more sense in a way.

One issue my yoga soul needs to figure out is the morning routine, for that greatly impacts the entire day. I can't seem to flow in the morning, mentally or physically and I have tried for 4 years. I feel abruptly wakened at 5:30, rushed to shower, get ready, eat, make my way to work, harried through the hall of some glaring adolescents some are fine, exhausted by 7:30am when school starts some days. It's partially my own fault for dallying then rushing but other things are factors too. The early hour is definitely part of it. What else is it? My own personal circadian rhythms tend to favor night owl style. Or at least a 6:30 or 7am wakeup, slightly more natural with the sun. I could try to do yoga, but I feel frozen sometimes, until coffee, which I left a while back, only to pick back up. That's okay, I am fine with it for now but I definitely want to find a way back to natural rhythms. Now that daylight savings is imminent, that should help immensely. Sun I need ya!

Here's to the future raise to the past, bless this present clear full glass.


E. Michelle said...

I'm a morning person like Eddie, but I do try to ease my transition into the day by doing a few things before I get out of bed. As soon as I open my eyes I just start listing as many things as I can think of to be thankful for. Then I have books by my bedside and I read the daily lesson in a Course in Miracles. Also you can do a few gentle stretches while you're lying in bed being grateful :) Stress is a sure sign you aren't in the present moment. :)

Kat said...

Sounds like a good way to start the day, I could probably try to do those things at night, being a night owl. In the morning I am more of a coma til coffee type.

I'm not sure why I'm building soccer up so much, it should actually be easier this year since we've done it before, and also we'll actually have home games at home.

Michele DeSutter said...

I am a night person too and can completely sympathize. I wish I could hop out of bed in the morning, have a glorious yoga practice, get a light breakfast and be ready to go by 8. But I have found that there are some things that are not natural to me and are not pleasant to force. I am not that morning person and I am OK with that. So your practice may take place at night before bed instead of in the morning. Go with the flow and enjoy who you are today!

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